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EPICS meeting on 6./ 7. October 2005

See you again on the 12th-16th of June 2006 at Argonne

Date changed on the 2nd of Feb.'06

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An EPICS meeting will be held at Archamps (Haute Savoie/ France) next to Geneva on Thursday/ Friday 6./ 7. October 2005 just before the ICALEPCS 2005 conference in Geneva.
Transport will be provided to and from the workshop site from downtown Geneva and CERN.

Complementary to the EPICS meeting an eclipse workshop will be organized by Andy Goets and Matthias Clausen on Sunday 9th from 9:00 to 13:00 on the same site. (please register separately by email)
More information can be found on this web site.

Organized by:
Matthias Clausen
Bob Dalesio
Steve Hunt

The EPICS meetings and the Eclipse meeting are organized in Archamps which is located in France. If you need a visa for Switzerland, you might also need a visa for France! Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause for some of you.